My Dream City

My Dream City

Dream is a place where we can think about everything and nobody can stop us from dreaming anything. Dreams can be happy or sad, big or small. Dreams are those parts of our life which we wish to but it doesn’t happen in reality and we keep thinking as to wish such a thing could happen. Like Bhagat Singh had always dreamt of a free India which did happen much later after he was hanged by the British but it did. We have to dream in order to make things possible to happen although there are certain dreams which are just a child’s play and imagination and they are just a wishful thinking and nothing besides that.

I too often dream about a particular dream. A dream about my own city which will be ruled by children. In my dream city I see the parents do the home work and take the exams while the children play all day and watch their favourite cartoons on the television. The teachers come to school in uniforms and children go to school wearing colour dresses. It is fun to wear colour dresses to school since uniform is very boring and makes everything look so serious and unhappy.

In my dream city I will allow no politics and there will be peace without it since there will be no ministers and it will be ruled by and I will make the Ninja Turtle the head of the army to fight with the country’s enemies. They are the best to keep us safe and secured and nobody will even think of attacking our country.

I will make ice cream and chocolates be made available to children free of cost so that everybody can have their favourite chocolate and ice cream whenever they like and will make green vegetables so expensive that parents will not ask the children to eat them. I will make the parents pay fine in my city whoever buys vegetables and this way they cannot force the children to have green leafy vegetables.

The dream city that I dream of will have wide roads which will have space for the children to ride their bicycles on the road without being scared of the moving vehicles on the road. The dream city will have chocolate fountains and wafer trees everywhere. The city will have no poor children and nobody will be poor in the city and all will be equal. There will be equality in everywhere and all will be respected and treated same.

The schools will have just three days of working and four days of holidays and there will be no homework system in my city. If any school gives homework Ninja Turtle will punish the teacher and make her do the home work for her entire class. Parents will not be allowed to scold children if anybody does then Ra. One will put them in a pit and lock them up for few days.

My dream city will have flying cars that will be able to take us form one to another in no time and there will be no traffic and bad roads. The city will have wide broad roads with no pot holes and if it does then it will be repaired quickly and this way we can also prevent accidents on the road. I have seen a biker uncle fall into a pothole and getting injured. The city roads will be made very hard and strong so that they don’t get spoilt easily.

My dream city will have loads of amusement park where children will be allowed to have free entry and can take innumerable rides on them. Popcorn and candy floss will be abundant at the amusement park and nobody has to wait long in the queue to get them. I will make sure that my dream city never runs out of electricity and no child is scared in the dark. I know children are scared of dark places since me too scared of darkness and always feel there is somebody standing in the dark and will attack me the moment it is dark. So in order to get rid of such fears from every child my dream city will never have electricity problem and it will have solar energy as back up.

My dream city will have the best hospitals and the doctors will be able to treat everybody in order to make all the patients recover from their illness. Nobody will be left without any treatment and everybody will be treated with medicines and treatment will be made free to those who cannot afford it. My dream city will have no poor people and even if there is there will be lots of food for these people.

There will be no scarcity of food and nobody will go to bed without eating food which is important for a person to work as told by my mother that even an elephant cannot stand if he starves a night. Yes now coming to the animal part my dream city will have animals roaming freely and not caged. They will not harm people but they will live with people like any other human being. I hate seeing the animals being caged and chained and always feel they must be free from the chains.

Dreaming is a good thing, when I narrated this dream to my brother he laughed and said that I have gone mad and such things can never happen. My mother appreciated the way I think and also dream about it. My mother said that if I study well now at school and at home and also do my homework regularly then when I grow up I can actually work towards making my dream come true. For this to happen my mother said I need to put in a lot of efforts and study hard and eat vegetable so that I grow up quickly and make my dream come true.

Rudra Tiwari

IV “ Egret”